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Handcrafted Pine Wood Mantel Clock - Unique Masterpiece for Modern and Traditional Homes - Precision Movement & Personalized Gifting

Handcrafted Pine Wood Mantel Clock - Unique Masterpiece for Modern and Traditional Homes - Precision Movement & Personalized Gifting

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This exquisite mantel clock, handcrafted to perfection, stands as a unique masterpiece. Painstakingly designed by a skilled artisan, this piece exudes individuality and artistry. The clock face, crafted from the annual rings of pine wood, undergoes meticulous polishing, accentuating its natural allure. Adorned with golden metal markers, the clock embodies elegance and sophistication, complementing both traditional countryside and modern minimalist home decor styles.

The smooth surface of the wood, achieved through careful polishing, enhances the tactile experience, inviting touch and admiration. The use of golden metal for the time markers adds a touch of luxury and refinement, elevating the clock's aesthetic appeal. Its magnetic support, crafted from solid pine wood, offers effortless placement on any surface without the need for installation, enhancing convenience and versatility.

Powered by a precision movement mechanism sourced from Taiwan or Japan, the clock ensures accurate timekeeping while operating silently, maintaining a serene ambiance. Made entirely from natural materials, it exemplifies environmental consciousness, appealing to eco-conscious consumers.

Moreover, the option for exquisite gift packaging transforms it into a thoughtful present for loved ones, further enhanced by the possibility of personalized handwritten cards, adding a heartfelt touch to the gifting experience.

Size: 16x14.5x1.5 cm (6.3x5.7x0.6 inches)
Material: Pinus sylvestris, metal

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Key Selling Points Summary:
1. Meticulously designed and handmade by artisans, each piece is uniquely crafted.
2. The clock face, made from pine tree rings, is environmentally friendly and blends seamlessly with various home decor styles.
3. The wood's smooth surface enhances tactile pleasure.
4. Golden metal markers for time indicators add uniqueness and sophistication.
5. The magnetic support, made from pine wood, offers hassle-free placement.
6. Precision movement mechanism ensures accurate and silent timekeeping.
7. Made from natural materials, promoting eco-friendliness.
8. Option for exquisite gift packaging and personalized cards enhances its gifting appeal.
9. Comes with an AA battery included, offering long-lasting power efficiency.

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